mark nelson
Mark Nelson

Sardinia Map

I originally visited Sardinia in 2002 as a short break holiday but quickly discovered that this island beauty had everything to offer for both holidays and property investment. I purchased my first property the following year which become the family destination of choice, and then followed that investment with the purchase of an apartment. The experience gained from these purchases has helped me to advise and recommend properties to many other buyers from the UK, including both mortgage and legal requirements, up to the final stage of exchange of contracts. When buying a property overseas the first decision is whether this is for rental investment, a second property, or both, and Sardinia, with its excellent transport links from many airports all over Europe, can meet all expectations. With careful consideration to location, the rental yields in Sardinia are not easily matched, nor is the natural beauty of this island paradise which is truly the jewel of the Mediterranean.
If you buy a house in Sardinia, it is not just a property you have purchased but rather a treasure trove of emotions that will enrich your heart and your soul. If you come to visit us instead, to pass a short period in Sardinia, you will take away with you an unforgettable wealth of experience, culture, tastes, flavours and aromas.
Our job is to take you by the hand through the Gallurian countryside, the old dwellings (stazzi), our villas on the sea, passing by the giant granite mounds immersed in Mediterranean scrubland smelling of cistus and myrtle.